Aquilant Interventional - Pronto .035" Extration Catheter

Pronto .035" Extration Catheter

The power and simplicity of thrombus aspiration for large vessels

A complete system for the rapid removal of thrombus from arteries or veins greater than 4mm.

Maximized thrombus aspiration with rate control
•  Unobstructed aspiration lumen with an in-line roller clamp to control the rate of aspiration

Tapered Silva Tip
• Smooth introduction and passage through the vessel
• Designed to prevent vessel wall interference with thrombus aspiration

Braid Reinforced Extrusion
• Resists kinking over entire length of catheter
• Increases tip control

Easy Over-The-Wire Delivery
• Compatible with standard 0.035" guidewires
• 10F sheath compatible 120˚ Angle with 4cm Tip
• Enhances steerability and vessel selection
• Rotational control of aspiration lumen in large vessels

The Pronto .035” is indicated for:
• the removal/aspiration of embolic material (thrombus/debris) from vessels of the arterial system
• the removal/aspiration of embolic material (thrombus/debris) from vessels of the deep venous system
• the removal/aspiration of embolic material (thrombus/debris) from the main pulmonary artery and its branches as a treatment for acute pulmonary embolism in patients not eligible for surgical or lytic therapy.
• to infuse/deliver diagnostic or therapeutic agents

The Pronto .035” is contraindicated in:
• vessels 
• the removal of fibrous, adherent or calcified material (e.g., chronic clot, atherosclerotic plaque, chronic pulmonary embolism)
• use in the right heart or pulmonary arteries during active cardiopulmonary resuscitation

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Vascular Solutions Inc.
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