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sinus-XL Stent

The big one for Aorta and Vena Cava . •  Stenoses and dissections of the aorta. •  Vena Cava-Sydrome. &bull...

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Auto-Fill Syringe Kit

Easy fluid delivery system for local anesthesia. Simple, repetitive syringe refill system for delivering anesthesia into subcutaneou...

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Klein Pump

The original infiltration pump for delivering local anesthesia. •  Easily adjustable flow-rate dial . •  Conveni...

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The first oblique venous stent!. The sinus-Obliquus was specifically designed for treating venous obstructions close to the bifurcat...

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sinus-Reduction Stent

Reducing the bloodflow following preparation of the TIPS-Stent. •  With the indication related hourglass-design and delibe...

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sinus-Repo-418/ sinus-SuperFlex-418

4F Vessel Solution for SFA & BTK - Up to 200mm. sinus-Repo-418 - Closed cell design. sinus-SuperFlex-418 - Open cell design. &bu...

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sinus-Repo-Visual 6F

The repositionable 6F stent with closed-cell design for straight vessel segments. 6F Application device. Adapted to .035 inch guide ...

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The unique super-flexible 6F stent in sinus-Micro-Mesh design. •  Superflexible nitinol stent with high quality electro-po...

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Self-expanding nitinol stent system. The most powerful stent we have ever developed. This sinus-Venous is our most powerful stent an...

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sinus-Venous Zelos-Ballon

For pre- and post-dilation. We recommend the Zelos PTA-balloon catheter. Available in diameters from 12 to 18 mm, the balloon is the...

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sinus-XL 6F

The perfect solution for straight vessel segments of the aorta and vena cava: Aortic stenoses and dissections, Vena cava compression...

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sinus-XL Flex

The perfect solution for curved vessel segments of the aorta and vena cava. • Aortic stenoses and dissections. • Vena cava...

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