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Biliary Short Wire

Time saving, Easy controlling. •  Time saving during device exchanges and therapeutic maneuvers. •  Reduction of...

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Bumpy Biliary Stent

For Benign biliary and pancreatic strictures. Safety. Irregular cell sizes of segmental radial force does not completely compress th...

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Comvi Biliary Stent

For malignant biliary strictures. Triple layered construction . Biocompatible PTFE membrane tube is held between inner and outer mes...

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D Biliary Stent

For Malignant biliary strictures. Low foreshortening for accurate positioning. Maximize conformability: Optimal combination of radia...

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Endo Luminal Radiofrequency Ablation Electrode. For treating malignant biliary obstruction caused by cholangiocarcinoma or panc...

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EUSRA (Endoscopic Ultra Sound Guided Radiofrequency Ablation). • Safe ablative treatment for unresectable pancreatic tumours. &...

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LCD Biliary Stent

New Solution for hilar obstruction with simple and easy stent-in-stent method. Unfixed and Large Cell with strong radial force ...

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Octopus RF Electrode

Octopus RF electrodes are designed to activate three active tips with 200 watts simultaneously for creating a large ablation zone. F...

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S Biliary Stent (Uncovered)

For malignant biliary strictures. Fixed cell with braided construction. Flexible and resistant to fracture. Atraumatic ends. Less hy...

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S Biliary (Covered)

For benign and malignant biliary stricture. Fixed cell with braided construction. Flexible and resistant to fracture. Atraumatic end...

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VIVA RF Electrode

The VIVA RF electrode is single electrode which is designed to be used in multiple nodules. Traditional single electrodes make ...

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