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The Neovasc Reducerô System

The Neovasc Reducer™ System Puts a Solution in Your Hands. The Reducer is a balloon expandable hourglass-shaped metal mes...

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Through The Scope (TTS) Oesophageal S...

Easy and Simple Stenting through the scope. Loaded in 10.5Fr delivery system. It allows easy and simple deployment through the scope...

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Turnpike Catheter

Three Versions to Turn Through Complex Interventions. Unique 5-layer composite shaft provides exceptional delivery. Turnpike&rs...

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Twin-Pass Dual Access Catheters

Two lumens for distal access with rapid exchange convenience. Twin-Pass — Model 5200. One 0.014" RX lumen & one 0.014...

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Vari-Lase Endovenous Laser Console

The Vari-Lase endovenous laser console is for the treatment of varicose veins and varicosities associated with superficial reflux of...

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Vari-Lase Platinum Bright Tip Fibre

Endovenous laser fibre with echogenic platinum iridium tip. Prevents inadvertent contact between the laser-emitting portion of the f...

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Venture Catheter

Precision wire placement for complex cases. Deflectable Tip. •  Catheter tip deflects up to 90° to direct guidewi...

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VIVA Multi RF System

The VIVA multi RF Generator is designed to create the predictable and consistent ablation zone by using the optimized ablation modes...

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VIVA RF Electrode

The VIVA RF electrode is single electrode which is designed to be used in multiple nodules. Traditional single electrodes make ...

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VIVA RF Generator

The VIVA RF Generator is designed to create the predictable and consistent ablation zone by using the optimized ablation modes for v...

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The Xposition Platform is designed to optimise the treatment of challenging cases by ensuring complete and continuous appositio...

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