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Pronto V4 Extraction Catheter

Superior deliverability and kink resistance. •  Embedded longitudinal wire enhances deliverability and kink resistance. &b...

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QXT Extraction Catheter

Simple and efficient thrombus aspiration system. •  6F guide compatible thrombus aspiration catheter for ease-of-use....

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RadAR™ is specifically designed for economical, hands-free radial artery hemostasis for post-catheterization patients. RadAR i...

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Renal Guard

Automated, accurate patient fluid management. RenalGuard® is designed to help simplify the process of IV-based fluid management&...

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The treatment of the heart requires superior medical device safety, followed by clinical efficacy. RESTORE is a major step beyond co...

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S Biliary Stent (Uncovered)

For malignant biliary strictures. Fixed cell with braided construction. Flexible and resistant to fracture. Atraumatic ends. Less hy...

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S Biliary (Covered)

For benign and malignant biliary stricture. Fixed cell with braided construction. Flexible and resistant to fracture. Atraumatic end...

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S Oesophageal Stent (Covered)

For benign and malignant esophageal strictures. • Fixed cell with braided construction. • High flexibility and optimal rad...

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S Type Stent (Covered)

S Pyloric/duodenal Stent for benign and Malignant gastric outlet obstruction. S Enteral Colonic Stent for benign and Malignant colre...

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sinus-SuperFlex-DS & sinus-Repo-DS. Self-expanding nitinol stent for treatment of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). The ap...

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The first oblique venous stent!. The sinus-Obliquus was specifically designed for treating venous obstructions close to the bifurcat...

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sinus-Reduction Stent

Reducing the bloodflow following preparation of the TIPS-Stent. •  With the indication related hourglass-design and delibe...

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